Bed Bug Control

A thorough inspection is indispensable and our professionals will find and treat any bed bug issues.

Bed Bugs are once again becoming a problem in America. 

Once thought to be totally eradicated and no longer a threat in modern countries such as ours, they are making a comeback. They are an extremely difficult pest to control and eliminate. 

bed bugs

Controlling these insects requires an integrated treatment strategy that incorporates a variety of chemical and environmental options that are needed to maximize the chances of total elimination. The first step is to attempt to identify the source. Without recognizing exactly how bed bugs were introduced to your home or dwelling, the probability of re-infestation exists. Sources can range from a variety of places. 

They could be in movie theaters, hotels, friends houses, (your friends), items that you have shipped into your home , essentially anything or person that has previously had contact with or is currently infested with bed bugs.

Bed bugs can survive for up to two years without a blood meal, which is why they are so pervasive and hard to control. Often times their elimination is assumed only to have them re-emerge several months later. To combat these realities, we use a combination of natural environmental enhancements and chemical sprays over the course of 3-4 months to maximize the chances of total effectiveness. We also sell many products in our retail store that can be used post treatment to provide additional insurance against re-infestation such as sprays, aerocides, and mattress covers. We also offer a variety of sprays and early detection products that can be used by frequent travelers.

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