Spotted Lanternfly

Siani Pest Control is the expert at identifying the invasive spotted lanternfly and terminating them with extreme prejudice.

Spotted Laternfly

Spotted Lanternfly's Invasive Timeline

Native to Southeast Asia, spotted lanternflies were unintentionally imported to Eastern PA near Boyertown in 2014.

In 2016 they were identified and a quarantine zone was set to try to limit them from spreading.

By 2017 the state officials started to realize the scope of what this invasive species could represent and the set strict quarantine zones that include Berks, Bucks, Montgomery, Lancaster, Chester and Schuylkill Counties.

State Mandate

A mandate was issued stating that if a property owner in the quarantine zone has them they are legally required to:

  1.  Report the finding to the state,
  2.  Treat for them.

The state has language in the order that allows them to either fine individuals or companies that do not comply, or treat without consent and send the property owner the bill. With this kind of language in place, it is very clear how serious they are taking the threat.

Spotted Lanternfly Treatment

About Spotted Lanternflies

Spotted Lanternflies feed on many smooth barked trees and shrubs and will nest on almost anything. They lay egg sacs that contain up to 150+ eggs. These are typically laid in the fall and will hatch out the following spring. They have no natural predators and do not appear to be negatively affected by our weather patterns in Eastern Pa. When they feed they inject a sucking mouthpart into the trees bark causing a wound. On it's own, the wound will heal and the tree will be unaffected. Sadly though, the wounds are not just one simple puncture, with the population explosion that the lanternflies are going through, trees are being killed at an alarming rate.

Siani Pest Control Can Help with Spotted Lanternflies

The good news is that we can help. In 2017 the state reclassified spotted lanternflies to fit a broader range of pesticide labels so state approved applicators could attempt to treat effectively. Since that time, through trial and error, and frankly, a little bit of intuitive based luck, Siani Pest Control Inc has developed a treatment strategy that is uniquely suited to help combat these invasive pests.

Our methods have shown success against all developmental stages and have even been able to eliminate egg sacs once they are laid. We are on the cutting edge of treatment plans and are working with home and business owners as well as entire communities to help limit the threat posed by these unwanted invaders.

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