Termite Inspections

Hire Siani Pest Control for trusted termite inspections and extermination.

Termites can cause over a billion dollars in property damage a year in the United States. 

That is more than all fires and floods combined. Most homeowner's policies won't cover termite damage. The best way to put your mind at ease is to protect your home before termites strike. We understand that your home is a valued asset so we do everything within our power to ensure that we eliminate termites from your home. We only use the most effective and efficient procedures available to eliminate termites.

Siani Pest Control will assess the situation, implement a termite control plan, and monitor your home. Our termite control services offer free limited inspections, warranty options, and have both chemical and natural termite control treatments.

The Termite Treatment More Homeowners TRUST 

  • Free Limited Inspection
  • Warranty options available for all termite treatments
  • 5 year Warranty for all pre-constructed homes
  • Both chemical and natural treatments are available

Here at Siani Pest Control, Inc. we offer a free limited inspection*. One of our licensed professionals will verify termite presence. You will be provided an estimate with no obligation.

*Free limited termite inspections are not offered for any inspections being done for real-estate that require a written report.

Contact us today for a free limited inspection or additional information on our Pest Control services.