Wildlife Control

Siani Pest Control offers professional and humane wildlife removal services.

Siani Pest Control provides wildlife pest control, animal control, animal removal and animal prevention services to homeowners, businesses and municipalities. 

Wildlife Control

Most wild animals are merely nuisance animals looking for food. They can be a real threat to humans if wildlife or animal controls are not implemented. Proper wildlife pest and animal control are important for the safety of your family, property, and the animal.

We most commonly handle the trapping and removal of squirrels, raccoons, moles, opossums, woodchucks (groundhogs) and skunks. We can help you remove a wide variety of animals from rats, mice and other rodents, to bats, birds and even non-venomous snakes.

There are many reasons why wildlife pest control is necessary:

  • Preventing the 25-50 percent of 
    fires of unknown origins that are caused by animals chewing on electrical wires. 
  • The diseases and parasites that certain animals carry that can be transmitted to humans.

We will work with you to find solutions to not only remove nuisance animals, but to also take corrective measures to ensure that they will not come back. We have an experienced team that is capable of doing exclusionary remediation should the need arise.

Call us to protect your property and family from wildlife. We use only the most effective and efficient procedures available to get the job done!


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Bait Boxes

Siani Pest Control has professional bait boxes that can blend into any environment.  

Multiple color options are available and we have discrete boxes that are disguised as a circuit box.  

Other options include rodent specific applications as well as locking boxes for safety. 

Call us today to find out more about our products and contracts.   

Chimney Caps

Siani Pest control provides and installs flue caps of all sizes. We have single flue and multiple flue caps.  If you would like a long lasting product, ask about our stainless steel caps. 

Contact us today for a quote!



Price varies depending on size and material. Metal ones used for ground-level vents while plastic is used more to keep birds out of above-ground vents. Simple dryer exhaust can be either plastic or metal, while ventilation covers are recommended to be galvanized steel.

Porch Screening


Completed with 1/2" mesh. Price depending on how many linear feet, whether stairs need removed, whether there are trees or shrubs, and other factors. Lattice is option to be installed over top of the screening. Animal removal at additional cost.